Wednesday, September 05, 2007

In furtherance..
In furtherance to the last blog I have added the link to the pictorial record of the fatal crash of Roger Williamson in 1973, showing how nonchalant human beings can be towards death. This was the Dutch GP of 1973, and Williamson crashed owed to a deflated tire. The monocoque frame of the car was ablaze when no driver except David Purley stopped in despair to extinguish the fire. The marshals at the spot were poorly trained and it was none other then Purley who had to work on the extinguisher, only to be lead away by the race marshals. In front of Live TV racing legends like Niki Lauda and Graham Hill drove by without paying a heed to Purley's repeated plea to stop for this rookie. A fire truck reached only to find Williamson dead of asphyxiation. What is more disgusting is that the race continued with a white curtain kept on the debris with Williamson still inside.
Later Purley said:

"I just couldn't turn it over. I could see he was alive and I could hear him shouting, but I couldn't get the car over. I was trying to get people to help me, and if I could have turned the car over he would have been alright, we could have got him out."

Later, when the immediate grief had receded, he admitted, "I didn't even think about the heroism or any of that rubbish. I just did what comes naturally to a trained soldier who sees a fellow in trouble."

The photographs taken were awarded Press Photo award of the Year 1973.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

F1: Bloodsport to Bore-Sport ?

I remember the first time I saw F1 unlike other sports like Cricket and Football. It was in 1992 when my uncle first showed me a recorded video of an F1 race. F1 till then was considered by many as the 'Death Sports' by many. Many had lost their lives and it was not unlikely to see one or two racers dying each year. Still when they lived they lived lives of kings and playboys easing out on their private yachts in Monaco.

In 1994, came the era-switching death for F1. That year racing legend Ayrton Senna died in a fatal crash on the Tamburello corner of the Italian GP. Little was known that his death and the death of racing rookie Ratzenberger earlier in the weekend would be the last two sacrifices on the racetrack for F1.

Sadly, since then though safety concerns have made F1 a more secure sport but the relative Television viewership has dropped not only in F1 strongholds like the European Union but even in Asian countries like ours. In United States the NASCAR still remains a more dangerous sports, which has pulled a chunk of viewership from F1.

Many believe most people who left watching F1 after the eventful weekend of 1994 had similar sadistic instincts that caused throngs of people to visit the roman Circus, sitting in the sidelines like ravens to watch the next gladiator fall.

But still racing critics including me would say that F1 has lost its zeal over years. No longer it is a sport where drivers had that 'race on sunday-chill on monday' attitude. There are races like Monaco where they shoot off complete a Lap around the seafront, get into the tunnel and repeat this 78 times going around circles. The only excitement comes during the pit-stops, but I am sorry to say that if I had to see 12 men in overalls filling gas and changing tyres why should I not drive down to the next Club HP.

But still F1 remains an exciting game to me not because of the money and fame which is synonymous with it but for the sheer bravery of men who ride on wings of fire to test the limits of man and machine. The fact remains that one can hand count the times one crosses the 135 kph limit on the speedometer. So we take this vicarious pleasure in seeing a small head bobbling under 8 times the G-force of earth at 300 km/hr for 18 sundays a year.

Friday, August 31, 2007

14 months

Fourteen Months.

I am no physicist. But still I can tell you that the aforementioned figure is an outrageously long period relative to the time we live on earth.
Yes, Faithful reader. 14 month have passed since the last etch on this blog. A lot has changed since then. The schoolkid who wrote the last post now lies dead somewhere. May lord above give peace to the soul. Who killed him. A nefarious figure named 'The Don'. Who gave him this name. He does not know. Does he like this name. Well, no (Hell, he was even addressed as the Don in the class during a class debate by the street smart moderator) . He never had much liking for any name given by anyone except the name he was baptized with. Arnab. Well he did find some timely solace when one of his good friends (Correction; his best friend) called him with the name he had chosen for his email address in consonance with the ghastly American practice of shortening names. Why was he been given this new name by which he is known now?
He does not know. Someone once said a man is known by his company. Maybe the company
overshadowed his true self. Yes, he thus killed the child in himself corrupted by the voices in his head.

But, did the child die. One does not think so. One thinks the reincarnated David will once again rise from his ashes to slay the formidable Goliath in himself. Because as has been the popular subject of literature (including Harry Potter) the power of love will surely exorcise all evils.

P.S: Lord, Can you hear me. Have mercy on my soul.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

An old friend

Yesterday I met an old friend.Two years hence I last saw her in my school before she was off to some distant place.Since then time has passed like rain in the mountains.All in all it was a great experience.I realized how slow I have become in all these years(evidentially she being the first to pay up anywhere around).I realized how different we both have become.Gone are the days when we were chirpy school students.In a months time I would be sitting in a National Law University under huge burden of work and she in a medical or dental school.

So I would like to say to the faithful reader that friends are like sands in your hand.You can try to retain all of them in your hand but destiny thinks otherwise.So cherish the days of youth while you can before robotic proffesionalism takes over and all that is left in you only longs for material needs.

A few days earlier one of my friend was so well connected that we used to talk over phone for hours.Now he is off to pilot school and I am already packing my bags.In the same time correspondences have become scarce.I do not blame him as he himself told me once that you can not possibly give the best friend for life status nowadays.We meet so many people over the time frames that you think of choosing friends in your circle rather then the circle you left long ago.Of course we do not want to be banished from our herd.

But until time comes for me I would cherish memory of my friends through out my life not expecting them to remember me.